October 1997 Kitty (maker unknown, London)
July 1999 Barbie (maker unknown, London)
June 2002 Blockhead B (Zoe Windle, London)
July 2002 Land Girl (Zoe Windle, London)
September 2002 Trucker Girls (Zoe Windle, London)
October 2002 M (Zoe Windle, London)
October 2002 Elvis Presley (Zoe Windle, London)
August 2002 - November 2002 50's Women/ Alarm Clock/ Girdle/ Pyjama Case/ Mirror/ Shoes/ Glasses/ Bow (Zoe Windle, London)
January 2003 Bow & Lilies (Zoe Windle, London)
February 2003 Trailer Trash Girl/ Flamingo/ Trailer (Zoe Windle, London - drawing by Mitch O Connell)
August 2003 Swallow (Ray, Edinburgh)
September 2003 Skullerfly (Zoe Windle, London)
January 2004 Gun (Goaty, Cardiff)
February 2004 Anchor (self made, London)
February 2004 Kirby Grip (Duncan X, London)
April 2004 Cherries (Goaty, Cardiff)
May 2004 Diamond (Tomas Tomas, London)
September 2004 Lucky Horseshoe (Lee, Anniston, AL. USA)
September 2004 Gladys (Lee, Anniston, AL. USA)
November 2004 It'll Be OK (Steve Herring, London - drawing by Rebecca Craig)
December 2004 Cupcake (Duncan X, London)
December 2004 Thrills 4 Girls (Barry Hogarth, London -drawing by Kim Merrington)
January 2005 Banal Ideas Cannot Be Rescued By Beautiful Execution (Xam, London - Quote by Sol LeWitt)
January 2005 Nine Red Dots (self made, London)
February 2005 Pirate Ship (Barry Hogarth, London)
March 2005 Dagger & Ribbon (Xam, London)
March 2005 Denise (Barry Hogarth, London)
April-June 2005 ‘Do Unto Others As You Would That They Should Do Unto You’
(aka ‘The Last Supper’) (Thomas Hooper, London)
June 2005 Star (self made, London)
March 2004 -August 2005 Deco Flowers (Duncan X, London)
January 2006 Sombrero Sporting Skull (Lee, Anniston, AL, USA)
February 2006 Our Lady Of Fatima (Lucy Pryor, Swansea)
May 2006 Cigarettes (Duncan X, London)
June 2006 Skull & Crossbones (Lee, Anniston AL, USA)
June 2006 5 Blue Diamonds (Lucy Pryor, London)
June 2006 Chicken/ Crossbones/ Comedy Scar/ Dots & Crosses (self made, London)
July 2006 Moustache (Gary Weidenhoff, Derby)
August 2006 Butterfly (Adi, Manchester)
August 2006 Plasters (Lucy Pryor, London)
August 2006 Budgie/Nurse/Butterfly (self made, London)
September 2006 Three Ticks (Nikole Lowe, London)
October 2006 Matryoshka (Lucy Pryor, London)
October 2006 Kewpie Doll (Phil Kyle, London)
December 2006 Andrew (Xam, London)
February 2007 Small Yellow Bear (Zoe Windle, Swansea)
March 2007 Fuck You Monkey (Mark Armstrong, Manchester)
April 2007 Strawberry (Tony Piercy, Birkenhead)
April 2007 Roses outline (Jayjay Dallas, London)
May 2007 Swallows (Uncle Allan, Copenhagen)
June 2007 Fly/ Stork/ Cat/ Cardinals Hat/ Knuckleduster/ 2 Safety Pins/ Crown/ Owl/ Bottle/ Bomb (Tallulah Belle, London)
July 2007 Roses (Simon Erl, London)
July 2007 Black Heart ‘M’ (Micaela, London)
July 2007 Blue (Blue, London)
August 2007 I Love Nate (Lucy Pryor, London)
September 2007 Bug (Sandy, Manchester)
October 2007 Key (Phil Kyle, London)
November 2007 Arrow/ Wounded Archer/ Row of houses / Skull/ Skeleton Hand/ Sewing Needle/ Pterodactyl/ Origami Dog/ Tiny Bird/ Coffin/ Sinister Snowman. (Mr X, London)
January 2008 Broken Hinge with Rose (Drew XIII, Sheffield)
March 2008 Vase (Drew Romero, Sheffield and Peterlee)
March 2008 Candle (James Kiley. Manchester)
April 2008 Severed Head (Drew Romero, Manchester)
August 2008 Rose (Drew Romero, Coventry)
December 2008 Ben Harris Has Hooves (Billie, Manchester)
June 2009 Hello Kitty (Lisa Toye, Liverpool)
June 2009 Puffin/Rose/Timo (Simon Erl, Liverpool)
March 2010 Nate's drawing (Beany Rosic, Manchester)
April 2010 Fan of Daggers (Daniel Morris, Manchester)
April 2010 You Don't Suck (Gre Hale, Manchester
May 2010 L&R (Daniel Morris, Manchester)
May 2010 Aeoropain (Gre Hale, Manchester)
May-June 2010 Fan of Daggers (Daniel Morris, Manchester)
August 2010 My Cat Pie (Scarlet Hel, Doncaster)
October 2010 Another Diamond (Daniel Morris, Manchester)
November 2010 You're So Cool (Gre Hale, Manchester)
December 2011 & I-V-Y (Daniel Morris, Manchester)
February 2012 Mama's Milk (Jemma Jones, Manchester)

Paula Hardy Kangelos 2012
(Version 6, Original 2005)

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