London Show

Krimskrams 24 Sept -24 Oct 2010 Cartel Gallery

KrimsKrams curated by Sam Venables and Richard Proffitt of the Liverpool based artist-led gallery The Royal Standard, who have recently a./o exhibited at No Soul For Sale at Tate Modern and Global Studio at the Bluecoat gallery.

Acquiring, animal hoarding and abandoned assortments. Boot sales, clumps, crews and combos. The Collyer brothers, Department 56 and electronic eyes. Fan clubs, garages and heaps of stuff. Hamstern, house clearances and impulse buys. Jackpots and junk. Kleptomania, limited editions, medleys and metal detecting. New & sealed. Obsolete, orders, Plyushkin and pilferage. Quantity & quality, received files and sit ins. Stashes, snuff a luff, souvenirs and treasure troves. Thrift stores, unused, variety and wiring. X marks the spot, yard sales and zaborskis.

A half-eaten chippy dinner and dog-earred scraps of church pews or the golden arches of a fast food sign abandoned at the side of the road. Krimskrams features artists for whom the habitual nature of scavenging and chancing upon objects influences the work that they make.

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